Your new favorite Thai tea & coffee have arrived.

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Enjoy the taste like never before.

Our nitro-infused Thai tea and coffee gives you an entirely new taste experience without the need for added sugar. Just the sweet taste you crave for.

Experience the Smoothness

The First Ready-to-Drink, 100% All Natural Thai Tea

We source a native high quality naturally grown Assam tea from a tea farm in Northern of Thailand. Combined with other natural ingredients, we are proud to present the first ready-to-drink 100% Natural Thai Tea

Carefully Curated Formula with Oat Milk

Experiencing the creamy texture without the milky ingredients. Emshika's Thai tea latte filled with oat milk combined with a natural flavor of monkfruit. No sugar added, Just the sweet taste you crave for.

Why drink Emshika's?

We are revolutionizing the way people experience Thai Iced Tea and Thai Coffee by bringing ready-to-drink beverages to the market that are made from 100% all-natural ingredients.

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